Letters make up words. Words make up stories. But what if we have an infinite of them? Then we’ll have more stories to read and tell, and hopefully, the world will become a better place. That is what we are aiming for at 8Letters.

8Letters is our brainchild project where we aim to promote talented indie artists in the Philippines. There are endless stories just waiting to be told or shared. Indie or independent artists struggle to showcase their art in a very saturated market. Cindy and Marigold are here to help.

The Curators:

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Cindy Wong Dela Cruz‘s purpose of writing a story was because she ran out of books to read one summer vacation. She never stops writing ever since. She was also the editor of Lapis sa Kalye (Hindi ito ang normal mong nababasa) and has co-authored and published several indie books including “Titser, May I Go Out”, Pendulum, and Disminoriya in Filipino. She loves exploring new places and works as a travel specialist during the day.


MarigoldMarigold Uy, a UPOU student is the founder of Project: TIMES and the author of Victorique, Words to Say, and  8PR (8Letters Psychic Research). She also makes Oracle Cards. Her latest creation is the Inner Child Cards.




We are a boutique bookstore who curate Filipino books and sell it in cafes and events.

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