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Letters make up words. Words make up stories. But what if we have an infinite of them? Then we’ll have more stories to read and tell, and hopefully, the world will become a better place. That is what we are aiming for at 8Letters.

8Letters, which was established in June 24, 2016, is our brainchild project where we aim to promote talented indie artists in the Philippines. There are endless stories just waiting to be told or shared. Indie or independent artists struggle to showcase their art in a very saturated market. Cindy and Marigold are here to help.

The Curators:

Cindy Wong

Cindy started writing stories when she ran out of books to read one summer. After realizing that she can make her own, she never stopped writing ever since.

Cindy became the editor of Lapis sa Kalye (Hindi ito ang normal mong nababasa) and has co-authored and published several indie books including Pendulum, “Titser, May I Go Out?”, and Disminoriya in Filipino.

She spent her childhood years in a town in Cavite, Philippines before moving to the bustling city of Hong Kong. The contrast of these countries was what influenced her made-up Spring City, where 31st, Back in Santa Barbara, Building 325, and Meatball Club stories revolved.

She works as a travel specialist during the weekdays, and hustles at 8Letters the rest of the time.

Marigold Uy

Marigold‘s bloodstream is made up of coffee.

She thinks of a new story whenever her earphones are plugged in. She’s still and will always be working on her novels, because there are always too many.

She’s been writing since she was four, having started with cute little ‘nature’ poems. They discovered she has a knack for fiction when she started writing for stage plays in school. That fueled her enthusiasm more, making her start her first novel.

Over the years, she has finished stories in various genres. She’s the author of Save Me, Irene B., The Witch’s Son, three books in poetry and prose and she also creates oracle cards.

She facilitates call for submissions in her current anthology project called ‘Zodiac Chronicles’.

She’s currently a student at UP Open University, an online school in the Philippines.

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