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for Independent Publishing

As a self-publishing author, your work doesn’t end when you’ve finished writing the manuscript. There is still a lengthy list of things to do that comes after writing. 

8Letters Bookstore and Publishing aims to be an author’s one-stop-shop for services to publish his/ her works independently. We offer a wide range of services to cater to your self-publishing needs. 

8Letters Bookstore Editorial Service

Manuscript Editing

It feels amazing when you’ve finally typed “THE END” on your manuscript. But unlike your story, that is not the end of your work as a self-published author. In fact, that is just the beginning of your journey to publishing.

Your to-do list starts with editing your manuscript. Improve your draft by receiving a fresh insight on your story and writing. Increase your chances of success by employing our manuscript editing services.

Book Formatting

A polished manuscript doesn’t mean it’s ready for printing or for selling. Give your manuscript a professional makeover and prepare it for the book version. Take note that e-book format is different from the printed format.

Price starts at PHP1,500

8Letters Bookstore Book Formatting Service
8Letters Bookstore Book Cover Design Service

Book Cover Design

Though it is said to not judge a book by its cover, your book cover is the first thing a reader sees. The cover of your book should catch attention but also compliments your story. Get an eye-catching book cover done with us.

Price Starts at PHP2,500

Book Promotions

One of the challenges of self-publishing authors is getting their books known and seen by potential readers. With our promotional packages, you can get the word out for people to buy your book. 

Price starts at PHP2,300

8Letters Bookstore Book Promotional Services
8Letters Bookstore Book Printing Services

Book Printing

Ebook may be popular these days, but a printed book has its own charm. And for an author, there’s no feeling quite similar to seeing your name included on someone’s bookshelf. You may have a copy/copies of your book printed for sale, promotional activities, giveaways, etc. 

Price varies depending on book size and number of pages

Author Website Design

When you become a self-published author, you can’t stop at just one book. Treating your self-publishing venture as a business is important. Establish your brand and have a home for all the books you will publish in the future. 

Price starts at PHP10,000

8Letters Bookstore Website Design Services
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