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  • BLACK | ePub/MOBI | Michellan Sarile-Alagao

    BLACK | ePub/MOBI | Michellan Sarile-Alagao


    Michellan Sarile-Alagao’s training in criminology and literature is evident in the narrator of the verse-novella Black, who is hired by the scion L. to craft a black-out “press release” for general consumption, after getting the alibis of each of the characters implicated in the death of the 68-year old family patriarch. Alagao’s hired investigator-spinner begins with…

  • Esoteric Dreamscapes Cover

    Esoteric Dreamscapes – The Creation of the Tarot of the Filipino People by Erwin Rimban | Paperback | Non-fiction


    Esoteric Dreamscapes – The Creation of the Tarot of the Filipino People by Erwin Rimban | Paperback | Non-fiction Esoteric Dreamscapes is the result of a collaborative project that weaved together hearts, and minds and souls. In our world today, saturated by speed, and technology, and material progress, Humanity is rapidly losing its connections with…




    Filipinos readily forgive, a distinction. We also easily forget – a flaw? Forgiving buttresses our society. Forgetting opens us to repeated abuse, especially by crooked government officials. No wonder many of us feel fated to suffer their corruption. My new book compilation of columns tries to help us remember. In selecting the entries, the aim…

  • Magic of the modest by R.C. PerezMagic of the modest by R.C. Perez

    Magic of the Modest | Poems by R.C. Perez | Philippine Poetry | Paperback


    Enough of looking for some secret doorway to a place that will take your breath away. Magic is here, everywhere – trust me. And if you just look hard enough, you will see, within you the most breathtaking magic resides.   Magic of the Modest | Poems by R.C. Perez | Poetry | Paperback Genre:…

  • The Meatball Club (Paperback) by Cindy Wong


    More than investigating cheating spouses and petty crimes, Carrie, Justin and Sheena had a long history of solving cases and helping out with police in their hometown, Santa Barbara. Now in the bustling Spring City, crimes never come short. Case no. 1: Narcotics Affairs Even before their opening day, the detectives witnessed the death of…

  • 8Letters Bookstore and Publishing Save Me Irene B Marigold Andres UyBook Cover

    Save Me, Irene B

  • 8Letters Bookstore and Publishing 31st by Cindy Wong Book Cover



    Spring City has been thriving amongst all the cities in the Philippines, built where once a mountain stood high, a new sanctuary for Felicia after running away from a painful past.

    On her first day, she meets an eccentric neighbor, Carlotta claiming to be a witch. Then, there’s Chris, a handsome botanist who surprisingly, makes her feel like a teenager again.Everything is going well and as planned until the 31st of October.

  • Going Japanese

    Going Japanese – Embracing Japanese Wisdom for a Better Life by James Evangelista


    We have much to learn from our Japanese neighbors, if we are to understand why they do the things they do. GOING JAPANESE is based on the author’s journey and aims to enlighten non-Japanese about what makes this culture and way of life impressive and admirable. It answers the question of what makes them tick…

  • Suong

    SUÓNG: Mga Aporismo ng Paglusong at Pagsulong | Gerome Nicolas Dela Peña| Paperback


    Lagi namang kapos ang kakayahan ng salita. Kulang. Kahit pa minsan sa ating pakiramdam, ang daldal-daldal na natin ay hindi pa rin natin masabi-sabi ang tunay na laman ng dibdib. Naiipon lamang nang naiipon hanggang sa sumabog itong tulad ng isang bulkan; na marahil kung di tayo makasakit, tayo ang tuluyang masaktan. Kaya naman, pipiliin…

  • The Next Guests

    The Next Guests


    Four teenagers– Ivy, Jason, Amiela, and Liam wind up in a mysterious place with no memories of their past. They meet the Fillery family who welcomes them to their mansion, claiming they are the family’s special guests. They stay but notice something strange is going on— the Fillery couple stealing hungry glances at them, mysterious…

  • 8Letters Bookstore Pawn to Queen Shiela Cancino

    Pawn to Queen: Life’s Chess and Quests


    Written by Shiela M. Cancino

    In this collection of personal essays, Shiela M. Cancino will show us how her humble beginnings made way to fulfill her dreams, from being an accountant to becoming a professional career coach and world-class speaker.

  • In Here, Always Janine Canono

    In Here, Always by Janine Canono | Paperback


    In Here, Always by Janine Canono | Paperback Genre: Prose, Poetry As long as you put your heart in anything, it will blossom. As long as you put your heart in anything, it will always find a way to give back.

  • New Beginnings Anthology

    New Beginnings Anthology | Paperback


    New Beginnings Anthology | Paperback How does it feel to have a young heart – experiencing everything for the first time when spirits are wild and free? In this collection of eleven short stories in English and Filipino, let us take you to the world of the young, where we experience falling in love despite…

  • Ekspedisyon - biyahe sa nakaraan

    Ekspedisyon – Biyahe sa Nakaraan | Memoir | Paperback


    Ekspedisyon – Biyahe sa Nakaraan | Memoir | Paperback By Christian Loid Valenzuela, Jonalyn Mencias, Cindy Dela Cruz, Gab Barrantes, Suzi Oliva, Analy Midsapak at Raine Rillera Tara, roadtrip tayo. Lakbayin natin ang nakaraan, Ungkatin natin ang mga nakatagong kuwento at sikreto, na matagal mo nang kinalimutan. Malayo-layo rin ito, marami tayong masasakyan, motor, tricycle,…

  • The Reaper of Iremia | Kenneth Villa | Fantasy | Paperback

    The Reaper of Iremia | Kenneth Villa | Fantasy | Paperback


    The Reaper of Iremia | Kenneth Villa | Fantasy | Paperback Justice for the living. Vengeance for the dead. Judgment to the sinners. Calian seeks one thing: vengeance. After an incident during his childhood almost drove him insane, he has vowed to hunt down all criminals. However, one night he fails to stop a murder,…

  • You Can Grow -ebook Catherine roque

    You Can Grow | Ebook | by Catherine Roque


    You Can Grow | Ebook | by Catherine Roque We are all created equal. We are all free to dream, regardless of who we are or where we come from. What we decide to do with our lives is our choice. We may not always have everything that we want or need, but we can…

  • Virgo: Tales of Magic

  • 8Letters Bookstore and Publishing Dreams Marigold Andres UyBook Cover



    Dreams is a collection of poetry about the process of falling in love and falling out of love.

    I brew storms in teacups and at the back of my mind to let you know how I feel. You may be a million steps away from where I stand, building castles of hope and dreams, but you’re still one step closer than anyone to finding the keys of the heart I kept locked inside, where it had already witnessed my darkest. You may be a prince, a lion or an alien but you’re still closest to the place where I wait, not in bus stops or rendezvous places but every night in bed, listening for you to unlock the door and be welcomed home with open arms. You may be the coldest person but you’re still the only one who can leave the warmest dent on the space where I spend dreaming about you.

  • 8letters Bookstore and Publishing Back in Santa Barbara Cindy Wong Cover

    Back in Santa Barbara


    When Felicia wakes up one morning, she realizes that a year has been missing from her memory. It was a year she disappeared to the Underworld, and all she has left is a diary. Scared and clueless of what to do, Felicia decides to go back to her safe place – Santa Barbara. This time, however, she is not alone but with her best friend, Lucy, and the next door neighbor, Chris who was also an engkanto. It is easy to like Chris, but what Chris is offering her is too much. He gave up being an engkanto to be a mortal and to be with her. And what if she chooses to love him? Will he stay for good?

  • Words to Say


    “Perhaps it’s my heart that hopes, that made me put into words these declarations of love.”

  • The Fairy’s Godfather


    Phyre grew up under scrutiny and tight security as Princess of Calvero. It got worse after her father’s assassination, and the Queen took the throne. She used to wish she could run away from it all.

    But now that she’s living in the human realm, Phyre wanted to return to Calvero.

    The Queen sent her away when the opposing noble class tried to assassinate the princess. And so, between adjusting to the unfamiliar world and the surrounding threats, the greatest challenge for the young fairy is deciphering her guardian—the godfather she just met.

  • Hush, My Heart


    How do you endure unrequited love? Your love beats in secret. You keep your pain hidden. How do you move on from it?

    How do you heal a heart no one knows broken? How do you dry tears you can’t shed? You cry in your sleep. You tell your heart to hush.

    Hush, My Heart is a collection of poems and short stories about love, heartbreak, and moving on.

  • Elvyn’s Eyes


    May boses akong naririnig pero hindi ko naman maintindihan ang sinasabi. Nasa langit na kaya ako? Si Lord na ba ang kumakausap sa akin?

    Asa lle elee… Buksan mo ang mga mata mo…

    Sinunod ko ang utos sa akin.

    Isang mukha ang nabungaran ko.

    Isang estranghero ang may hawak-hawak ng mukha ko.

    “Sino ka?”

    Kunot-noo ang sagot niya sa akin. Binuka niya ang bibig niya pero walang boses na lumalabas.

  • Once Upon a Stone


    Ilang hakbang na lang si Ar-Ar sa dagat. May nakaharang lang… Bakit ngayon pa pakalat-kalat ang batong ito? Lalagpasan sana niya ang bato ngunit natapilok siya. He ended up ‘kissing’ the stone instead. At biglang may nabuo na isang mukha…

  • Sale! To The First Woman Who Loved Me

    To the First Woman Who Loved Me


    To the First Woman Who Loved Me (collection of stories about mothers from the eyes of their children – Self-help).

  • Beautiful Blasphemy


    I want blasphemy, murder, rape, revolution, anything, bad or good, but strong. – Aleister Crowley Beautiful Blasphemy is a collection of poems inspired by dark musings and nightmares. It displays the raw, violent, yet vivid imagery of themes that are not accepted or by many but possess certain glint of beauty born from chaos and deviations from the norm.

  • Deskaril


    “Deskaril” recalls personal, political and cultural events that shaped young Filipinos who grew up between Metro Manila and their own home town – wherever that may be. Each poem tackles everyday realities like chatting with friends online, posting on social media or cramming one?s body inside a train.

  • merman of the undersea

    Merman of the Undersea (The Ealirenm Series Book 1) | Mariel Sigaya | Ebook


    Merpeople aren’t supposed to go to the surface. Maoui made sure to follow the rules and bend them as needed, but the waning magic and the crisis in the Undersea led him to ponder breaking the most sacred law to save his own kind. When the arrival of a skiff got him to meet a…

  • Beyond the Bansalan Skies

    Beyond the Bansalan Skies | Leila Rispens-Noel | Memoir


    Leila has always been a fighter, a stubborn little girl who never backs down. She started her journey in the town of Bansalan, living by the river at the foot of Mt. Apo. Here, she started to dream. Little did she know the adventures awaiting her from her first day of school, watching a horrifying…

  • Sunsets are Sonnets

    Sunsets are Sonnets by Alvin B. Cruz | Paperback | Poetry


    Alvin B. Cruz’ debut poetry collection Sunsets Are Sonnets & Other Poems puts together his earlier poems and his new and unpublished works, speaking to us with a quiet but compelling voice that resonates with our own experience of love, loss, and longing. This illustrated anthology starts with free verse poems, most of which were…

  • Guru from the Pacific Rocky Rubio

    Guru from the Pacific | Rocky Rubio | Memoir | Paperback


    Your life – that is your only message.

    Is there anyone out there who can ever truly give you the most correct answers to all of your questions? Where can you find the explanations that you have been looking for?

    I must have been blessed because I found him and he enlightened my overcast mind over casual talks. And just like that, I found my answers- most of them anyway.

  • Pressing On Elaine Ruiz

    Pressing On | Elaine Ruiz | Poetry | Paperback


    Pressing On | Elaine Ruiz | Poetry | Paperback Pressing On is a collection of short prose and poetry that uncovers truths about life and love – its pains and joys, breakdowns and breakthroughs. It tells stories about moving forward, letting go, and taking risks and of the dangers and delights of safety and change….

  • Things I Told The Moon & Stars | Claire Paladin | Paperback

    Things I Told The Moon & Stars | Claire Paladin | Paperback


    Things I Told The Moon & Stars | Claire Paladin | Paperback Poetry “every night while you sleep so peacefully, i stay underneath the moon and stars; and tell them the things that were meant to be said to you” Claire Paladin is an 18yr old senior high school student and is a part of…

  • Starry Night | Poems by Juana Garcia | Paperback

    Starry Night | Poems by Juana Garcia | Paperback


    Starry Night by Juana Garcia Genre: Poetry Starry nights calm our thoughts and whims, but do they ever make you ache for all the things that could have been? Starry Night, Juana Garcia’s debut poetry book, will take readers through the poignant and bittersweet phases of love.

  • I wrote this to remind you

    I Wrote This To Remind You That… | Arli Pagaduan | Paperback


    I Wrote This to Remind You That… is a collection of short writing spurts over the years up to 2020, the year when things abruptly changed… Only minor edits were made. These were all written on a whim on a day I lived in the past and in this year. I wrote these when I…

  • Pedestrian | Gerome Nicolas dela Peña | Paperback

    Pedestrian | Gerome Nicolas dela Peña | Paperback


    Pedestrian | Gerome Nicolas dela Peña | Paperback “Nabubuhay tayo sa gabing madilim at mapanglaw, at patunay ang aklat na ito na hindi natutulog ang makata sa gitna ng karahasan at kawalang katarungan—nagsisilbi siyang ilaw upang makita nang malinaw ang mga bagay.” JERRY B. GRÁCIO 2015 Southeast Asia (SEAWrite) Awardee

  • PM: Mga Tula | Gerome Nicolas Dela Peña | Paperback

    PM: Mga Tula | Gerome Nicolas Dela Peña | Paperback


    PM: Mga Tula | Gerome Nicolas Dela Peña | Paperback “Pagninilay sa gabi, sa gahasa, sa karahasan, sa buhay social media, at sa pag-ibig ang ilan sa mga piniling paksa ni Gerome Nicolas Dela Peña sa kaniyang pinakabagong libro ng mga tula. Napapanahon ang kaniyang pagharap sa pananalinhaga sa ilalim ng rehimeng tokhang. Sa kaniyang…

  • Destiny Seasons of Love: Childhood Love Book 1 | Maria Hestia | Paperback

    Destiny Seasons of Love: Childhood Love Book 1 | Maria Hestia | Paperback


    Destiny Seasons of Love: Childhood Love Book 1 | Maria Hestia | Paperback Genre: Romance Sina Drake at Lizette ay magkababata. Matagal na rin silang may pagtingin sa isa’t isa. Naging malapit ang dalawang bata at nagkaaminan pero may dumating na pagsubok sa kanila kinailangan nilang magkalayo. Bago umalis si Lizette ng bansa nangako sila…

  • Happily, Ever, After with Mr. Heartthrob - Melody Hestia

    Happily Ever After with Mr. Heartthrob | Melody Hestia | Paperback


    Happily Ever After with Mr. Heartthrob | Melody Hestia | Paperback Genre: Romance Leianna Aurora B. Cristobal – a wealthy girl, who used to get bullied by her classmates and the one she loved growing up. After graduation, she met the handsome billionaire Dylan Mikail and eventually found out she was betrothed to the guy…

  • Placeholder

    Summer Dreams | Anthology | Paperback


    Summer Dreams | Anthology | Paperback Dreams can be tricky. They could be beautiful where you can choose to sleep and continue the fantasy; Or wake up and chase after them in the real world. They could be nightmares – the wicked ones that haunt you and keep you up all night, sometimes even when…

  • Placeholder

    Diaspora Journey: Stories of Philippine Migration to Hong Kong | Paperback


    Diaspora Journey: Stories of Philippine Migration to Hong Kong Authors: Leila Rispens-Noel, Heda Bayron, Joy Tadios-Arenas, Cindy Wong Filipinos will do anything to have a better life – even if it means being away from home. Despite being only a two-hour flight away from Manila, Hong Kong is an entirely different world but still one…

  • Kitchen Nightmare & Other Stories | Silvia Micole D. Guinto | Children's Book

    Kitchen Nightmare & Other Stories | Silvia Micole D. Guinto | Children’s Book


    One can never be too young or too old to learn these three beautiful lessons to live a successful and happy life. – Bo Sanchez, entrepreneur/ speaker/ author/ missionary   Silvia is such a gifted baker and writer! An entrepreneur at a young age, her hard earned lessons will surely help young bakers to excel…

  • Let There be Demons | Joshua Rodgregor E. Medina | Fantasy

    Let There be Demons | Joshua Rodgregor E. Medina | Fantasy | Paperback


    Let There be Demons | Joshua Rodgregor E. Medina | Fantasy Genre: Fantasy As “demons” are slowly integrating into society after hiding in the shadows behind magic and glamour, a thirteen-year-old has to figure out how this change will affect life in Southbank as a high school student. On top of teenage rebellion, Christian parents,…

  • Two Less Lonely People in the World | Lolakwentosera | Romance

    Two Less Lonely People in the World | Lolakwentosera | Romance Novel


    Two Less Lonely People in the World | Lolakwentosera | Paperback Genre: Romance Yung inugat ka na sa kahihintay ng third movie nina Aga Muhlach at Lea Salonga, kaya sumulat ka na lang ng kwentong inspired sa kanilang dalawa. Bilang tagahanga ng LeAga loveteam si Lolakwentosera, pinilit niyang tuparin ang hiling ng maraming SANA MAULIT…

  • Riviera University by Sydney Michaela

    Riviera University by Sydney Michaela | Adventure | Campus Story | Romance | Coming of Age


    Riviera University by Sydney Michaela | Adventure | Campus Story | Romance | Coming of Age College freshmen with big dreams – the perfect words to describe Candy, Mayel, Rainier, Mart, Rio and Miabelle. But this new stage of their life never comes easy, starting from a campus party sabotage to student council election. They…

  • Bonfire of Desires by Sydney Michaela

    Bonfire of Desires | Sydney Michaela | Adventure Fiction | Friendship Fiction | Romance | Paperback


    Bonfire of Desires | Sydney Michaela | Adventure Fiction | Friendship Fiction | Romance | Paperback Genre: General Fiction, Romance, Friendship Ilang taon na mula nang huling magkita-kita ang anim na matalik na magkakaibigan. Matapos kasi ng college graduation, ay nagkanya-kanya na sila ng landas. Magbabakasyon sila sa isang lugar kung saan sila mamamalagi ng…

  • Inborn Dreams daniel indic 2

    Inborn Dreams | Daniel Indic | Nonfiction, Self-Help | Paperback


    Inborn Dreams | Daniel Indic | Nonfiction, Self-Help | Paperback ‘A self-help book, a motivational and inspirational one that is filled with principles that will lead you to your dream and change the course of your life’. Revisit your dream Repossess your vision Rewrite your plans Reroute your destination Refollow your blueprint Restart your journey

  • The-Romantic-Travel-Writer

    The Romantic Travel Writer – Write Travel Stories that Get Published | Writer Ami Granada


    The Romantic Travel Writer – Write Travel Stories that Get Published | Writer Ami Granada  Travel is romance. Let your prose light up your readers’ eyes. How do you make readers fall in love with your writing? A travel story is about romance. What matters is how you show it. Write with pizzass, break rules…

  • falling in love with a stranger

    Falling in Love with a Stranger | Sydney Michaela | Romance Erotica (Paperback)


    Falling in Love with a Stranger | Sydney Michaela  Maagang namulat si Ginny sa katotohanang hindi na siya babalikan ng lalakeng kanyang minahal ng buong puso. Si Lorenz ang lalakeng madalas niyang kitain sa isang bakanteng bahay at lote at dito ay naranasan niya ang maraming bagay, isa na rito ang unang pakikipagtalik. Hanggang saan…

  • El Himno de mi Corazon | Tori Tan | Paperback

    El Himno de mi Corazon | Tori Tan | Paperback


    El Himno de mi Corazon | Tori Tan | Paperback Taong 1894, kasagsagan ng paghahati ng Espanya sa kapuluan ng Filipinas umusbong ang pag-iibigan sa pagitan ng isang mestizong anak ng Gobernadorcillo at isang indiyong mang-aawit sa teatro. Gaano nga ba kalalim na pagmamahal ang sasapat upang ipaglaban ang isang taong mas pipiliin ang inang…

  • The Z-Virus

    The Z-Virus: Seeking for Cure | Paperback | P.I.R.M.


    The Z-Virus: Seeking for Cure | Paperback and Ebook | P.I.R.M. Isang virus ang unti-unting kumakalat sa buong panig ng Pilipinas. Ang simpleng bakasyon ni Agent Xanthea ay nauwi sa pagharap, pakikipaglaban, at pagkikipagsapalaran sa mga infected ng virus na kumakain ng kapwa tao. Isang kagat lang ay maaari na rin itong maipasa sa iba….

  • Cinderella's Knight | Sydney Michaela | Paperback

    Cinderella’s Knight | Sydney Michaela | Paperback


    Cinderella’s Knight by Sydney Michaela Cinderella’s plan was to finish college, find a job and live happily, ever after with his prince charming, Tristan. However, her dreams were shattered by the news that he needs to migrate to France with his family. What if they can’t survive the distance? And why all of a sudden,…

  • Sale! For Richer, For Richest | Marigold Uy | Paperback

    For Richer, For Richest | Marigold Uy | Paperback


    For Richer, For Richest by Marigold Uy  Braxton Albrecht Neumann is one of the multi-billionaire heirs of a German elite family and Sojiro Natsume is a police officer tasked to arrest him. by his desire to go home and be with his mother for possibly the last time, Braxton teams up with Sojiro to solve…

  • Sale! Murder of Crows

    Murder of Crows | Marigold Uy | Paperback


    Murder of Crows by Marigold Uy Two princes are stripped off their rights to the throne. Knox had lived his life as a bounty hunter, killing people in exchange for money. Sytry grew up to become the Devil, striking deals with people who may want to seek revenge. With both their Kingdoms encouraging the slaughter…

  • Promise of a new dawn

    Promise of a New Dawn by Mari Felices | Poetry


    Mari Felices mainly expresses herself in words. Her writings are just part of her thoughts and feelings. She does not consider herself as a professional writer or poet because she does not have enough knowledge and experience, yet she wants to convey her words in the manner by which she could understand them herself. Promise…

  • Rhythm of my heart

    Rhythm of My Heart by Mari Felices | Poetry


    Rhythm of My Heart by Mari Felices is a compilation of poetry about love and hatred, friendship and animosity, anger and kindness. Overall, it is a book of poetry and quotes about life and human emotions. Rhythm of My Heart is composed of award-winning poems that motivated the writer to write more, hoping to inspire…

  • Collapse the Heavens Blackout Poetry

    Collapse the Heavens | Black Out Poetry | Anna Lete, N., AJD, Ryan King


    Collapse the Heavens is an improvised take told through found poetry by four different writers weaving a narrative discovered within the pages of other stories already told; an introspective journey through shadows and a struggle toward the light of hope. Blackout to rearrange and the words find us. Genre: Blackout poetry

  • refuge 8letters anthologyrefuge 8letters anthology

    Refuge – An 8Letters Anthology


    In the months of a pandemic that drags us in sudden uncertainties, writing has become our greatest sanctuary; And if there is one thing we’ve proved, it’s how writing demented stories can save our sanity. Welcome to Refuge, a collection of Philippine literary works that will keep us afloat – in the meantime.

  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams | Paperback| Ron R. Lacson | 8Letters

    Boulevard of Broken Dreams | Paperback| Ron R. Lacson | 8Letters


    “Do you know why this Boulevard is called the Boulevard of Broken Dreams?”“Yes, I know. It’s because…,” Dorothy said as she touched her chest.“It’s because this is where many dreams were broken,” Mike said, interrupting Dorothy. His voice was calm but determined. “Where many dreams were lost, where many hearts were shattered, and where all…

  • Behind Closed Doors (Ebook) | Cindy Wong | Cozy Mystery book


    While solving burglary and next-door murders, our detectives get themselves tangled with their old and new lovers. While some could be trusted allies, others could be spies… Welcome to Spring City, where glamour and crime combined never go out of style! A Coal Way to Die: Nick Rosales, a matinee idol, takes his own life,…

  • Engkwentro by H. Bentham, KC Cimafranca, Loid Valenzuela, Cindy Dela Cruz, Johanna Lee


    There’s something special about Padua . . . — All Lisa wants is to get into Padua University. What she didn’t expect is fighting aswangs while trying not to fail her subjects. Amir, a Muslim, is conflicted with his attraction to Ashton because of his conservative upbringing. There’s another problem – Ashton is not what…

  • the day you broke my heartthe day you broke my heart

    The Day You Broke My Heat | Ebook | Christian Loid Valenzuela


    The Day you Broke my Heart is a collection of poems and short prose about different shades of love. This collection will truly bring you heartwarming and heartbreaking emotions through the power of words.

  • Sino ang may sala?

    Sino Ang May Sala? | Ebook | Christian Loid Valenzuela


    “Ako nga ba ang pumatay sa kaniya?” Kilalanin si Christopher Brian D. Mendoza bilang anak, kapatid, mag-aaral at kasintahan. Alamin ang mga maliliit na kuwento tungkol sa kaniyang pagkatao. Babala: Ang akdang ito ay may mga katotohanang ‘di mo dapat paniwalaan.

  • A World Full of Colour

    A World Full of Colors | Ebook


    Underneath the picture perfect facade, Faith Ann Rodriguez is filled with restrained emotions and suppressed dreams. Growing up in a conservative family has taught her to be prim and proper so she can be a good wife to her future husband. That has always been a struggle for her because she has never really been…

  • Chroma Hearts

  • It’s Not Just Semantics

  • The Billionaire’s Widow

  • Finding Kismet

  • 8Letters Bookstore and Publishing The Witch's Son Marigold Andres Uy Book Cover

    The Witch’s Son

  • Love is a Dirty Word

  • Gemini: Tales of Siblings

  • 8Letters Bookstore and Publishing Out of This World

    Out of This World

  • 8Letters Bookstore and Publishing Victorique Marigold Andres Uy Book Cover



    Victorique is the ghost of Beatrice’s ancestor… and she appeared to her with a plea: Help her be at peace. After staying earthbound for over a century and a half, her memories had been muddled, enough for her to forget the reason why she had stayed in the first place.

    Going through genealogy books and a psychic medium, they discover an enduring friendship and an unconditional love that lasted even in the afterlife.

    And after learning about the truths behind her unrest, Beatrice wonders if Victorique will still choose to be at peace, or stay in the living world until she cease to exist.

  • Rose


    A novel by Maria Criselda Santos

    Sunsets in Toulouse are tinged with pink, making the city the ideal romantic getaway in southwest France. But come sunrise, its walls are bloodstained and the air rancid.

    Each day, a new body turns up, mangled, and almost unrecognizable. Each night, a monster prowls undetected.

    In this dark narrative, five stories intertwine.

    With mature content

  • 8Letters Bookstore Embracing Uncertainties Cindy Wong

    Embracing Uncertainties


    Author: Cindy Wong

    Written during the pandemic, Cindy Wong will take us from Russia, Turkey, Antarctica, and the Philippines in her latest collection of personal essays entitled Embracing Uncertainties.

    In this world of uncertainty, how do we find joy and strength? How do we keep our faith and love alive?

  • Silver Linings Anthology


    Silver Linings is the first anthology of LitArt Hub. This book is a carefully selected mix of literary and genre fiction depicting Philippine mythological creatures, time travel, women’s fiction, and the paranormal – with one common theme: love, in whatever form, triumphs over all, inspiring hope and courage in a pandemic setting.

  • The Mystery of the Cold Apartment


    Si Kaito Edogawa, isang exchange student sa Japan, ay nagbabalik sa Pinas dahil sa trahedyang sinapit ng kanyang ama at para magpatuloy ng pag-aaral dito. Sa unibersidad, makikilala niya ang isang misteryosong estudyante na si Edward Quilvas.
    Nagkasama sila sa isang proyekto na kung saan ay kailangan nilang sumama sa apartment ng kagrupo nilang si Maudie. Dito ay hindi inaasahang mangyayari ang isang malagim na trahedya – isang suicide, o murder?
    Lingid sa kaalaman ni Kaito ay isa palang amateur detective ang kaibigang si Quilvas. At sa malamig na apartment nga na ito magsisimula ang kanilang mahabang pakikipagsapalaran.

  • Si Dreamboy at si Bespren


    Okay na sana ang lahat sa buhay ni Lex nang manligaw sa kanya ang dreamboy niyang si Enzo, ngunit medyo nagkagulo nang biglang nagpabagu-bago ang pakikitungo sa kanya ng kanyang best friend na si Ivan dahil dito. Sino ang mas magiging matimbang sa kanyang puso–si Dreamboy o si Bespren?

  • Ang Pag-ibig ni Crayon


    Ekis na ang pag-ibig kay Crayon dahil sa pighating sinapit sa kanyang unang heartbreak, ngunit nag-iba ang lahat nang bigla siyang maging love interest ni Atom, ang pinakasikat na mokong sa kanilang college at ang very same mokong na dumurog sa kanyang puso nung high school.

  • Return of the ’80s White Lady


    The excitement in the air is adding to the frizz in the XQ sisters? hair! In the middle of rainy season – which certainly doesn’t help either- the Beaux Bois old-timers are saying “long time no see” to Lady Di, the white lady from the ’80s.
    Why the sudden comeback? Who’s behind it? Could it finally be the ghost of Doña Victoria Valderrama now that she’s actually dead? Could it be an encanta living in the balete tree? Could it just be some bitter killjoy getting in the way of courting young people?

    Far be it from Xamantha, Xavanna, and their equally nosy friends to stop at idle musing! Aided by an enabling adult or two, the kids go on a stakeout that fills their guts with junk food and sinks them to the bottom of this mystery.

    Not really a cross between “Fright Night” and “Dude, Where’s My Car” (but there was a fright that happened at night and, well, also, cars), this tale brings closure to a decades-old urban legend and confirmation to an equally old rumor while giving rise to a new intriguing question:
    “Whose pee was it?”

  • Encounters with Strange Creatures


    Recent happenings in Beaux Bois Village need some ‘splainin’!

    For instance, who or what is tormenting Michael Jack So’s dogs? Is it the same creature that is eating Dear Daphne?s tulips? It could be the same thing that broke Doris?s tentacle.

    Furthermore, who or what is Doris?

    For lack of better things to do, Xamantha and Xavanna Quijano aim to get to the bottom of it all. The sisters and their ragtag army of friends and frenemies loiter around their village to find out what?s going on.

    But first, they need to check out the new kids on the block – and not the ones from their mom’s 30-year-old Bop either!

  • The Hot Friend Hurdle


    Rocky is looking for a guy who’s immune to the charms of her hot friend, Kayla. Her neighbor Juck is definitely far from immune. In fact, Rocky believes that he’s terminally infatuated with Kayla, so why won’t he leave Rocky alone? He even goes so far as to volunteer being her fake boyfriend to ward off meddling relatives.

    Incidentally, Juck isn’t the greatest at separating pretend from reality, and, soon, he has Rocky confused about the real score. Some clearing up is in order, but what will clarity do to this confounded situation?

  • Three Tells


    Lizzie is not getting her heart broken again. That?s why she develops a set of tells that warn her of a guy?s latent douchebaggery. Every guy who tries to date her flunks the test, including Tyson, the hottie who?s strongly tempting her to scrap her own dating filtration system.

    Nevertheless, Lizzie prides herself on her willpower. Heartbreak is no trifling matter, and the tells are designed to prevent it. But are they as foolproof as she believes them to be?

  • Ripe for Love


    You can’t time love…

    Beth Cohen is hardly ready to face people, much less open her heart. Skittish from betrayal, she reluctantly rejoins society. Her broken heart may seem all patched up, but it still hasn’t been long enough. Romance remains out of the question.

    Gage Sullivan is soured by his cheating ex-fiancee. Escaping reminders of his dashed dreams, he moves to the other side of the world. His heart may be healing, but he still expects a hiatus from dating. Love is the last thing on his mind.

    However, love doesn’t wait for the right time. It happens when it’s meant to.

    La Isla de Santa Margarita is a tropical paradise a few hours north of Manila. It boasts powdery white sand beaches, romantic cliffs, virgin rainforests, and misty mountains. Long popular with the jet-set crowd, it remains a top travel destination known for its exclusive resorts and hopping nightlife. It has been the setting for many a holiday fling, but for those who stay, it?s where they find lasting love.

  • 8Letters Bookstore and Publishing One Two Shit by Cindy Wong Book Cover8Letters Bookstore and Publishing One Two Shit Cindy Wong Flatlay

    One, Two, Shit…



    1. Never be the first one to fall.
    2. Don’t wait for him to call.
    3. Never assume unless otherwise stated.
    4. Always use protection.
    5. Take this chance to explore your sexuality.

    One, Two, Shit… is her first collection of poems and personal essays on moving on and starting over again.