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Filipinos readily forgive, a distinction. We also easily forget – a flaw? Forgiving buttresses our society. Forgetting opens us to repeated abuse, especially by crooked government officials. No wonder many of us feel fated to suffer their corruption.

My new book compilation of columns tries to help us remember. In selecting the entries, the aim was to exemplify some of the worst sleaze in high places. The seemingly disparate cases were linked – in motive and modus operandi.

“Gotcha: An Exposé on the Philippine Government” recalls what went wrong and why, so we can avert recurrence of dirty schemes.
Chapters: (1) Beijing’s Bullying and Duplicity; (2) MRT-3 Fiasco; (3) (Dis)Trusting Comelec, on the faulty poll automation; (4) Leveling Lush Mountains, via illegal mining; (5) Smuggling Unabated; (6) Police Chopper Scam; (7) Surrender of Sovereignty; and Epilogue: The Philippine Government Exposed.

Foreword by patriots Supreme Court Justice Antonio T. Carpio and former Secretary of Foreign Affairs Albert F. del Rosario.


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